Saturday, February 6, 2016

Springtime Flowers

I found a really cute flower pattern that I had to make! They are called the Loopy Flowers from Alli on Ravelry:

Review of pattern: It was a little tricky to figure it out because it wasn't specified that the pattern used UK crochet terms, so wherever it said double crochet you are supposed to do a single crochet (US terms). After I got that figured out I was able to whip these out very quickly.

Don't they look so fun!!
They would look fabulous as an embellishment on a jacket, purse, or blanket.
If you squish the petals down to make them more rounded it adds to the spiral effect!
So head on over and check out her pattern. Here's the link again:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Charity Scarf Making Efforts

Since I receive donations to support my charity scarf making efforts, I feel I must post the status of such donations so that I am held accountable to you, the donors.

I first started making these scarves in 2013, and since, my blog has gained popularity. At first, it was only a few scarves each month, but I quickly realized I could not keep up with these orders! In 2014 and 2015 I received funding to make 71 comfort scarves for the Handmade Especially for You charity. I spent much of 2014 catching up with 2013 orders and with our house project starting in 2015 I fell completely behind. In order to help balance the check book, so to speak, Each year I will donate the remaining funds that I did not use directly to the charity. They will either use the funds to purchase yarn or to help offset shipping costs to deliver the scarves to the women's shelters.

With this new policy in mind, I have donated $111

I appreciate your kindness in helping me make a tiny difference in the world!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Back in Business

My sincerest apologies for any of my followers or anyone who has noticed the lack of content during the 2015 year. We had a VERY busy year adding onto our house and remodeling the entire place!

I am starting back up with crocheting comfort scarves and donating to the Handmade Especially for You charity. I will update you on some figures a little later.

I will continue to highlight fun patterns each month, sharing scarf patterns, and my various creations.

If you are interested in having your pattern showcased and having me test a pattern, please email me at LivingTheCraftlife (at) Gmail (dot) com for pricing.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Officially Christmas Season

Now that it's officially Christmas season, it's time to kick off the holiday season with a showcase of some of my latest creations! These are made from a pattern found here:

Here are some photos! Feel free to pin, share, and make some of your own!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scarf Donation

Today I dropped off 11 scarves for the Handmade Especially for You charity! I have had a lot of these scarves sitting in the garage all summer because I missed the last drop off and they have spaced the deliveries to once a quarter instead of once a month. I was excited to find out I turned them in just in time for a delivery! Yay!
So thank you for your donations, I am still working hard to get these scarves out to those women in need. I hope you, too, are doing some kind of charity effort!


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