Friday, September 7, 2012

Round Earrings - Free Crochet Pattern

Size 7 crochet hook
Crochet Thread size 10
Sewing needle

Works out to be about 1.2 inches wide using the materials listed.

Begin with sliding loop
Rnd 1: ch 4 (counts as dc and ch-1), *dc in ring, ch 1; repeat from * ten more times.  Join w ith slip stitch to third ch of ch-4. sl st in next ch-1 sp (12 dc)
Rnd 2: ch 3, dc2tog in same space, ch 1 * dc3tog in next ch-1 sp, ch 3; repeat from * ten more times. Join with sl st to top of ch-3, sl st in next ch-3 space.


  1. did you made it harden using something to make as earrings?

  2. Yes, I painted the back of the crochet motif with a watered down glue to help it keep it's shape (1/2 water, 1/2 glue). Be sure to pin it down so it dries flat!

  3. What kind of glue did you use? Was it like an Elmer's white glue.

    1. Elmer's glue would work. Be sure to water it down a bit so that the threads absorb it better. I use either Mod Podge or Tacky Glue (depending on what I have in stock at the moment)

  4. Thank you for the pattern! Enjoyed making myself a couple in different colours, and will make some for girlfriends as little gifts ;)
    I corrected the pattern in round 2, in stead of ch1 after dc2tog, I did ch3 to follow the rest of the pattern.



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